Terms and Conditions Lapford Lodge Kennels and Cattery

  1. Vaccinations

Dogs can only be accepted on condition that they have been fully inoculated against canine distemper, infectious canine hepatitis, leptospirosis, parvo virus and Intrac within the last 12 months and not less than two weeks prior to boarding.  In order to help protect your dog and other guests we also require ‘Kennel Cough’ vaccination. This needs to be done at least 3 full days before boarding but two weeks is best to gain the full benefit. We will not accept dogs that show symptoms of ‘Kennel Cough’.

Cats must have been vaccinated and be up to date with annual booster(s) to protect against:

  • Cat flu (feline herpesvirus and feline calcivirus)
  • Feline enteritis (feline panleukopenia virus)
  • Feline leukaemia virus

Primary vaccination courses must be completed at least two weeks prior to boarding.

We will need to see a vaccination card as proof of their inoculation status, any pet not adhering to the vaccination policy will have to be refused admission and any deposit paid in advance will be forfeited.  We do not accept pets reliant solely on homeopathic vaccinations.  You are welcome to email us copies of your vaccination certificate prior to arrival. We will hold it on record so you will not be asked for it again.

All animals should have been treated with an anti-flea/tick product and wormer before boarding.

It is important to inform us if you have a bitch in season or due to come into season during the boarding period. It’s nothing we can’t deal with; it just makes life easier if we know in advance.

  1. Payment / Fees

Your bill will be calculated based on the number of nights your animal is with us. We make no additional charge for an early check-in (i.e. before 13.00) provided we have space (please phone to check). No charge will be made for the day of check-out so long as the animal is collected before 13.00.  Collections after 13.00 will be charged at the full next night rate.

Any cancellations made within 24 hrs of the due arrival date or non-arrival will forfeit the deposit (if paid) and may be liable to a cancellation fee of up to the full cost of the booking (at our discretion).

Payment can be made in advance or at the time of departure, but must be completed before the animal leaves the premises. Payment can be made by credit or debit card, or via bank transfer or cash.  Cheques are not accepted.

For new customers to us we require a non-refundable deposit of £20 to secure your first booking with us and the completion of the booking form.  This deposit will be deducted from your first bill.

Animals can only be accepted and given out within business hours, unless we are notified in advance. Our business hours are shown below and on the booking form. Owners (or someone authorised) must call the following day if unable to reach us by closing time on the day of departure.

  1. Hours of Business

Monday to Friday: 09.00 to 13.00 16.00 to 18.00

Saturday 09.00 to 13.00

Sundays and Bank Holidays: Closed for accepting or giving out animals unless by prior arrangement.

It is important that these opening times are adhered to comply with our licensing conditions and to ensure our boarders and neighbours are not unnecessarily disturbed. However, in an emergency or with reasonable notice, we will do our best to take or give out your pet. 

  1. Temperament/Health and Welfare

All animals must be in sound condition (and if on medication, well controlled)  and of pleasant temperament when entering the kennels or cattery. We do not accept aggressive dogs. If a dog becomes excessively aggressive towards our staff or other dogs, or destructive to our facilities, we will continue to do our best to provide for its basic wellbeing. However, such animals may be restricted to their kennel and in extreme cases the owner may be contacted to arrange for collection of the dog. Additional charges may apply. We will not accept banned dog breeds for boarding. This exclusion also extends to those with an exemption certificate.

While every care will be given to the pets, they are boarded at the customers own risk. Veterinary treatment will be sought if needed; you agree to consent to any treatment deemed necessary by the vet, including anaesthesia and euthanasia.  .Should your pet have a pre-existing condition that worsens whilst with us we will seek veterinary help if needed but the cost of treatment will be added to your boarding fee. This will include any call out charges, transportation etc.  We will endeavour to contact you or your representative should any veterinary treatment be necessary. Pets with infectious/contagious conditions will be refused admission as will any dog which we feel is not suitable to be boarded.

We do not board unneutered male cats more than six months old.

  1. Insurance

Medical insurance cover is provided for any kennel or cattery related illness for the duration of the boarding period and for up to 72 hours after departure.  Insurance cover is up to a maximum of £1500

Should the insurance company or vet deem any ailment or injury is not kennel or cattery related, the cost of any treatment will be the responsibility of the owner.
Pre-existing conditions and clinical signs of pre-existing conditions are excluded.
Injury caused by one of your pets to another of your pets is excluded.
Any costs over the insurance cover maximum policy amount of £1500 will be the responsibility of the owner.

  1. Belongings

Leads, beds and toys are not required, as they will be supplied.  You are very welcome to bring your own beds and toys, but please note that if you do bring in beds or toys, we accept no responsibility for loss or damage to customer belongings.

  1. Abandoned animals

If an animal is not collected within 14 days of its departure date and no communication from the owner or their agent has been received and our efforts to contact the owner have failed, Lapford Lodge reserve the right to treat such animals as having been abandoned. The animal’s owner will be liable for any additional expenses incurred

8. Exercising Dogs

Normally we will exercise the dogs boarding with us and, depending on the dog and its temperament, this may involve socialising with other animals. Please let us know if you do not wish us to exercise your dog in this way.

9.Photography and Filming
Unless you explicitly instruct us otherwise, we may photograph and/or film your pets whilst they are with us. We may use such material as part of our marketing, both online and elsewhere. We will not use your name or that of your pet. These images shall be the property of Lapford Lodge although you will be very welcome to receive a copy.