Lapford Lodge Boarding Kennels

Our dog boarding facility is designed to provide your furry friend a secure spacious kennel and run, making them feel relaxed and comfortable during their stay.

Our kennels and runs have plenty of space to exercise, play and also socialise, if this is something your dog enjoys. We are happy to offer trial days where you can leave your pet with us before your holiday, making them familiar with the environment and experience. This is especially recommended for young animals. For help, advice or more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

So why use boarding kennels?  Simply, for peace of mind. We are a professional, approved and licenced premises so that you can rest assured  that your pet is not only well cared for, but safe.  A safe and secure pet is a happy pet. Your pet is not always best left in your house when you are away. Dogs and cats left at home and looked after by strangers may become disturbed by the change in routine and if the grounds are not securely fenced, may decide to take themselves off.  Added to that, unfortunately, theft is a real risk these days.  Our premises is protected by 24/7 CCTV.

Both our dog and cat stayed here for two weeks. Very clean kennels and cattery. Pets were fed their own choice of food. Both settled in well and enjoyed their stay.
Andy Taylor
Always take our dogs here. Fantastic service.
Andy Cooper
Barney has stayed for the odd night and for 10 nights when we went on holiday and came home as happy as he always is. The kennels are clean and there is an outside exercise area where the dogs are individually let out for exercise.
Sandi Robinson
What your dog can expect

We provide quality pet food for our guests. We can also provide a raw diet at an additional cost per day.  If you want your dog to have their own food, please feel free to bring your own (no reduction in the daily fee).  In addition to the kennel and individual run, we also have outside exercise yards which are a great source of fun for playtime so please feel free to bring in some toys from home. Dogs are exercised three times a day plus a toilet and stretch break first thing in the morning. 

Our kennels are individually heated with beds and veterinary fleece bedding however, guests are more than welcome to bring their own special bed from home. We have two different sizes of kennels. Larger and more boisterous dogs are housed in the large kennels in the main block.  Smaller, more nervous and older dogs and puppies are housed in the smaller kennels in a quiet area. Puppies also welcome to board after they have received their first course of vaccinations

This is what a typical day is like at Lapford: