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We have all heard a lot about puppies being purchased over lockdown, and there is a lot in the press about socialisation issues when a puppy is not able to go out and get experience in different situations. Did you know that a puppy does not know fear until 14 weeks? This means that they learn a lot in the first four months of life and need to experience lots of different situations. Although its not too late to introduce a puppy later to different stimuli, it needs to be done carefully to avoid fear (which can translate into aggression).

We have therefore decided to offer Doggy Day Care here at Lapford Lodge. This is not just for puppies or young dogs, but for any sociable dog or dog that needs more socialisation. Dogs do suffer separation anxiety, and Doggy Day Care can help to overcome this. We are keeping the rates very competitive for the area – just £12 for a single dog per day. Why not come along and try your dog with us?